7 Benefits of Vitamin B12 in Skincare

7 Benefits of Vitamin B12 in Skincare

One of the innovative ingredients contained in SimySkin’s hydrating and nourishing face moisturizer and eye serum is Vitamin B12.  Along with its many benefits for overall health, Vitamin B12 is required to keep your skin healthy. By making sure that it’s in skincare products like eye serum and face moisturizer that you include in your daily skincare regimen, the science behind SimySkin products has ensured that this needed vitamin is continually working to keep your skin clear and radiant.

Here are seven ways that Vitamin B12 in skincare products benefits your skin:

  1. Helps to reduce face blemishes
  2. Helps to reduce dryness or cracked skin
  3. Useful in improving eczema symptoms
  4. Helps to reduce acne
  5. Repairs skin cells
  6. Helps to combat skin redness
  7. Helps regenerate and repair your skin so it stays bright and clear

The way Vitamin B12 works to improve symptoms of eczema is that when it’s applied topically to your skin, it reduces the amount of nitric oxide in your body which causes eczema. This was tested in a clinical trial conducted by the Natural Health Research Institute, and results of the study found that a topical Vitamin B12 cream improved eczema signs and symptoms. Psoriasis, which is a disorder of the skin that develops from immune responses that are abnormal, is also combatted by Vitamin B12 when it’s applied to the skin.

As well as looking for skincare products that contain B12 in its ingredients, it’s a good idea to try to include enough Vitamin B12 in your diet. Not only is the vitamin contained in algae sea vegetables that have incredible health properties, it can also be found in fish that’s caught wild, eggs produced cage-free, organic dairy products and poultry. Just like the Vitamin C contained in SimySkin products, eating foods rich in vitamins while following a healthy skincare regimen definitely helps to keep your skin beautiful.

Vitamin B12 is a wonder vitamin that has numerous benefits to overall health. Some of the many ways that Vitamin B12 keep you healthy outside of your skin health include regulating your nervous system, reducing anxiety and depression, preventing memory loss, boosting energy levels, keeping your heart healthy, helping digestion and possibly helping to prevent cancer. Using Vitamin B12 in skincare products such as eye serum and hydrating face moisturizer is where healthcare and skincare meet to enhance your overall health, inside and out.