Chlamydocypsa extract

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12 Mar , 2020

The Chlamydocypsa extract is a unique ingredient that you will find only in SimySkin’s Antiaging serum. An extraordinary scientific discovery, this extract is able to leverage a natural biological mechanism that prevents cells from aging. Enjoy the revitalizing power of these rare seaweeds that grow in the most remote and unspoiled glaciers of the planet.


What is the Chlamydocypsa extract?

Chlamydocypsa extract comes from a type of single-cell algae that live in the coldest regions of the world. They live in the Swiss alps or in polar climate regions where snows never melt even during the summer season. They are “extremophiles,” meaning that they live in conditions where most other organisms will die, such as at temperatures below 0 °C.


Since they must survive in these extreme environments, these organisms need to adapt their metabolic activities to thrive in freezing water with very low nutrient levels. To do so, they start producing several substances such as biopolymers (gallerten), antifreeze glycoproteins (AFGPs), stress modifiers, and osmotically active amino acids and sugars that also help them survive in their habitat.

How does the Chlamydocypsa extract work?

Chlamydocypsa algae produce a set of unique substances that help them survive the most extreme environments where nutrients are extremely scarce. When these substances are extracted and used in antiaging skin serums such as SimySkin’s one, they improve the longevity of the skin by activating its natural rejuvenating mechanisms.


In particular, Chlamydocypsa extract activates a pathway at the cellular level that mimics calorie restriction. This dietary regimen involves reducing the calorie intake while maintaining optimal levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Our cells use this specific metabolic pathway to preserve their longevity in harsh environments.


In a nutshell, the Chlamydocypsa extract offers the skin the benefits of a diet without the need to undergo a low-calorie regime. The skin is protected, and the antiaging action of this amazing ingredient leads to improved cellular defenses, oxidative stress resistance, cell detoxification, and repair.

What are the effects of the Chlamydocypsa extract on the skin?

The unique rejuvenating mechanism of Chlamydocypsa extract on the skin is further enhanced by the natural antioxidant properties of this alga. By activating longevity factors in skin cells, this ingredient safeguards the skin’s youthfulness and strengthens its defense mechanisms at the cellular level. Confirmed by proteomics technology as well, the anti-aging activity of Chlamydocypsa extract includes improved production of collagen even in skins that already stopped synthesizing it, effectively reinforcing the skin barrier.


At SimySkin, however, we took a step beyond. We enhanced its activity even further by coupling Chlamydocypsa extract with other active ingredients that synergize with its action. The final effect is just amazing. Your skin will look smoother, hydrated, and reinforced. It will be more moisturized after just two weeks of treatment and will appear fresher, detoxified, and smoother after less than one month. Your face, body, and hands will be protected by the damaging effect of aging, your skin’s longevity will be preserved, and you will always look bright and youthful.



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