Skin Care as Self Care: A Response to Critics

SimySkin Admin
15 Sep , 2019


We are not the first to write about skincare in terms of self-care. Indeed, the trend has even piqued articles that challenged the idea and call it a scam perpetrated by the beauty industry. Last year, Krithika Varagur called skincare as self-care a con, and Elisa Kreisinger asked whether it’s all a marketing scam.

You would naturally suspect we’d argue otherwise, which of course we will. Nonetheless, we encourage you to examine the evidence, weigh the arguments, and decide for yourself. SimySkin was founded by medical researchers, and as scientists we want to answer the “con” or “marketing scam” claims.

Let’s focus for now on Krithika Varagur’s four major claims. First, a quest for the perfect skin is pointless, as there is no such thing as perfect skin. While we can’t speak for the industry as a whole, we never promised “perfect” skin but rather age-specific serums for a healthier you.

Second, our skin has survived millennia without a skincare industry, so there’s no good reason to treat our skin as so fragile. This is true, but this omits that advances in medicine have extended the average global lifespan in the past century from 31 years to 65.6 years. So, the human species has lived for millennia, but individuals are living longer and longer as we better understand human biology.

Third, Varagur notes damages caused by obsessing and overloading on products. But it’s precisely for this reason that we encourage a less-is-more mentality and consulting medical professionals as soon as any concern or question arises.

Finally, Varagur contends that such obsession over beauty is a continuation of Western society’s treatment of women as merely decorative objects. We admit there may be some truth to this claim, at least for the industry generally. Speaking for ourselves at least, we ourselves don’t advertise just as a beauty product but also as a skin health product meant to fight off everyday pollutants, and we’ll say more on that shortly.

We now want to end on a constructive answer to the debate. There are, if nothing else, three starting points worth noting. First, your skin is your immune system’s first line of defense. As your skin is healthier and thus more resilient to the elements, your body won’t have to fight off the viruses and bacteria that make you sick.

Second and similarly, health just does look better. There’s no perfect beauty, just as there’s no perfect skin. However, a healthier you will naturally be a more beautiful you.

Third, feeling sick is always a downer, so the more you do to bolster your immune system, the healthier and happier you’ll feel, having more energy for the tasks and tolls of the day.

Was this post shameless self-promotion? A little bit, yes. However, we hope you’ve found some helpful information as you weigh how to best care for your skin and for yourself.

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