What’s New for Fall?: Tips for Skincare in the Autumn Months

SimySkin Admin
01 Sep , 2019

As the Summer heat cools off, our skincare routine should follow suit. Think of your skincare as part of your wardrobe. Just as the shorts and tank tops will give way to pants and long-sleeve shirts, skincare routines should prepare for colder temperatures.

Here are some tips to help the transition.


Summer months are notoriously humid, which means that your skin gets more than enough moisture from the air. By contrast, the air dries up in the Fall and Winter, so you’ll want to compensate for this. If your skin feels itchy and dry, that’s a sign that it’s not getting the hydration it needs. A body lotion, humidifier, or skin serum are great supplements if you find yourself needing the extra moisture during the cooler, drier months.


A good way to “reboot” your skin as the season changes is to gently scrub off older skin cells once a week. Oil and sweat produced from the heat can linger in the skin, and you don’t want those to linger around through drier, cooler temperatures.

Take Care of the Eyes First

While it’s best to avoid heavy creams in the Fall, the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and thus the most prone to feel the effects of new seasons. You’ll want to protect against the fine lines or puffiness that can be agitated when the air starts drying out. May we humbly suggest a serum to fit this need?

Treat Yourself to a Facial

Do you really need an excuse for a spa day? Well, here’s one anyway. Not only will a professional facial give your skin a deep cleansing and comprehensive restart, but it puts you one-on-one with an expert who could offer specific suggestions for your particular skin needs.

Above All Else, Trust Yourself

So many factors go into personal health—skincare as well—that from afar we can offer suggestions at best. Your discretion and your judgment have the final say in what’s best for you and your skin.

Skin types vary. Some people have particularly dry skin. Others have particularly oily skin. Whatever your skin type may be, you’ll need to cater to the specific needs of your body.

Climates vary. Those who live in tropical regions won’t feel the season change as much as those further north. Where you live will dictate whether seasonal change is drastic or negligible.

Lifestyles vary. Some of us love the outdoors and are in the wilderness or wandering the neighborhood as much as possible. And some of us will only go outside long enough to get from one building to the next. Either way, being in differing environments to different extents will determine what your skin is exposed to and how it needs to be protected.

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