Definition & Mission

SimySkin ™ mission is to produce age specific, age-phased serums, creams, lotions and related products which use Vitamin B12 to reduce the effect of time, environment and stress on the skin.

SimySkin ™ believes that excellent natural products, beautifully presented, can still remain affordable. SimySkin ™ relies on science and is a pioneer, teaming up with a prominent oncologist to help determine the effect of each ingredient used in the formulation of the Company’s anti-aging products. SimySkin ™ is as much about health as about beauty.

Our Scientific Background

With the assistance and expertise of Dr Uri Sagman, Georges Benarroch founded SimySkin™. For over 10 years, they have co-managed Kyto IP, a biotechnology company which secured a number of patents related to Vitamin B12 and Ubiquinone CO-Q-10 and which, together with the State University of New York (SUNY), has been instrumental in the discovery of the human vitamin B12 receptor – a milestone in the annals of human biology.